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We are all § 129 – why we go to Leipzig together

Joint call of the Red Aid Leipzig & the Investigation Committee Dresden for the TagX demonstration to mark the end of the Antifa Ost trial

The Antifa East trial is coming to an end. So far so good, because politically there, at the Hammerweg in Dresden, is only little to achieve. The whole trial has shown in an exhaustive way how tough and tedious the fight against the mills of justice can be. The absurd length and detailed nature of the evidence also helped to depoliticize what the defendants were accused of. In essence, it is not about proving that one or the other was involved in one or the other assault. In essence, it is about applying the construct of a criminal organization to organized antifascism and thus being able to criminalize a political stance. „We are all § 129 – why we go to Leipzig together“ weiterlesen

Goodbye and good riddance!

Text on the key witness Johannes Domhöver in the Antifa East Trial – Ermittlungsausschuss Dresden, February 2023

Johannes Domhöver has spent twelve days testifying against his former comrades at the Dresden Higher Regional Court (OLG). The price he has to pay is a trial day before the Regional Court of Meinigen on February 27. On the occasion of this, this is our text about his testimony in Dresden.¹ We have been dealing with the Antifa Ost trial for over two years now. In the following we will go back over it again. First, we will give an overview of Johannes Domhöver’s statements. After that we will classify what he said. We will close the text with reflections on collective responsibility and patriarchal violence. Have fun!

https://de.indymedia.org/sites/default/files/2021/10/62726.jpg https://de.indymedia.org/sites/default/files/2021/10/62725.jpg
Facts about Johannes:
– Height 1,96m
– Birth date 09.06.1992
– grew up in Franconia, lived in Nuremberg and Berlin. Spent time in Leipzig and lived in Warsaw
– worked as security at several clubs in Berlin and at the Fusion festival
– Appearance: siehe Fotos

„Goodbye and good riddance!“ weiterlesen