Legal Team Dresden

We are people from different radical left-wing contexts and want to support left structures as Ermittlungsausschuss (EA) or legal team. We conduct consultations on legal issues at AZ Conni every 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday from 7 pm. Every first Tuesday of the month we share the counter with the Out of Action group. During demonstrations we are available by telephone in connection with arrests and police assaults and, if necessary, we arrange for lawyers. Should you be affected by state repression, please contact us! If you are planning demonstrations or other actions and would like to have an EA, you have to ask us in advance, if possible already during your preparation. Usually we cannot realize requests for the next day.

Through lectures and workshops we try to raise awareness about governmental repression and its effects and to develop a safe and self-confident handling of repression. We would be happy to come to you for a demo training or action 1×1. You can find more information in the category Materials. Part of our work is also the fight against any kind of prison, jail or Lager!

If you have a concern, you can always contact us, but be aware that e-mails can be monitored. Think carefully about what you can write by e-mail and use our PGP key. The best way is to come by during our office hours in real life!

solidarity greetings – EA Dresden

Since not every page on this site is available in english, here is a short survey of the most important pages.

  1. Looking for legal advice about police controls, demonstrations and actions? Find it online here (coming soon)
  2. Here for solidarity with antifascists? We write about the Antifa East Trial here (coming soon)
  3. Get in contact with us? No problem, write us on mastodon, an email or a letter!